Job Hunting Made Easy™ Seminar+Workshop


Imagine . . . your  job hunting method is

                           +  easy-to-use

                           +  efficient & productive

                           +  fun – yes, actually fun!


Imagine . . . you know ready-to-use methods to

            +  find – many job opportunities

            +  talk – to a lot of managers – who actually can hire you

            +  excel – in  job interviews


Imagine . . . your job hunting coach is a well-known expert on how managers can hire good employees. 
And he reveals secrets of how you can uncover jobs that are right for you – and get job offers. 


Job Hunting Made Easy gives you all of this – so you succeed in finding a great job.


Important = Job Hunting Made Easy shows you a step-by-step method – not a hodgepodge of things to do. 
You do the first step.  Then, you do the second step.  And so on. 


How much easier can it get for you?


During this presentation you’ll learn all this – plus more:

>  Good news for you = Most managers are lousy at evaluating job
You’ll discover how to benefit from their ignorance.

>  How to create your extremely attention-grabbing resume

>  #1 best + fun + most effective way to find job opportunities for you

>  4 steps to help employers find you online – in under 30 minutes/day

>  1 secret– that makes you stand out from competing job seekers

>  4 tactics to make interviewers ‘fall in love’ with you – in the first 2 minutes

>  Winning in job interviews – using specific sales & relationship skills

>  Sneaky – but ethical – way to get interviewers to tell you best answers
      to their questions!

>  5 minute negotiating tactic when you get job offer – so you make a lot
      more money

>  6 ways to feel great – hopeful, optimistic & upbeat – while you job hunt



MICHAEL MERCER, Ph.D., is an acclaimed expert who helps companies hire good, productive employees.  His 6 books include Hire the Best – & Avoid the Rest™.  Dr. Mercer also created the 3 Forecaster™ Tests – pre-employment tests many companies use to evaluate job applicants.  So, he knows how managers decide whom to hire – or not hire.  Dr. Mercer coaches people 1-on-1 to job hunting success.  In Job Hunting Made Easy, he reveals the job hunting method that results in finding a lot of job opportunities, making a fantastic impression on hiring managers, and – most importantly – getting job offers.