Seminar = HOW WINNERS DO IT™: High Impact People Skills for Your Career Success

High Impact People Skills for Your Career Success

Dr. Michael Mercer is the only speaker you will ever hear who appeared on Oprah and spoke at the C.I.A.… in the same week!

Michael did innovative research to pinpoint exactly what high-achievers do. And he formulated his findings into immediately useful techniques that everyone can put into action to improve both their work and personal lives.

He has delivered keynote speeches and workshops on How Winners Do It™ across

North America. Mike also appeared on over 400 radio and TV talk shows, including Oprah, Leeza Gibbons Show, and the Today Show.

This presentation is based on parts of 2 books Mike wrote: How Winners Do It™: High impact People Skills for Your Career Success and also Spontaneous Optimism™: Proven Strategies for Health, Prosperity & Happiness.

During this lively “info-tainment” and motivational presentation, you will learn:

• 6 high impact people skills that separate high-achievers from

• 1 quick way to make a fantastic impression on practically

• 2-step method used by superb negotiators, persuaders
      & salespeople

• 1 hidden key to high levels of career – and personal – success.

• 5 methods to instantly boost your optimism

• 3 ways to be a fantastic role model for your employees,
     co-workers, family & friends.