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MICHAEL MERCER, Ph.D., is an acclaimed expert who helps companies hire good, productive employees.  His 6 books include Hire the Best – & Avoid the Rest™. 

Dr. Mercer also created the 3 Forecaster™ Tests – pre-employment tests many companies use to evaluate job applicants.  

So, he knows 1st-hand how managers decide whom to hire – or not hire. 


Dr. Mercer coaches people 1-on-1 to job hunting success. 
In Job Hunting Made Easy, he reveals the job hunting method that results in finding a lot of job opportunities, making a fantastic impression on hiring managers, and – most importantly – getting job offers.  


Dr. Mercer delivers seminars and speeches on job hunting, hiring and management. He delivers exciting speeches and workshops at many colleges, companies, meetings and conferences.  He is founder and president of The Mercer Group, Inc., in Barrington, IL.  


Audience members describe his useful and exciting keynote speeches and workshops as “info-tainment.”  That is immediately useful information presented in an entertaining style.

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Job Hunting Made Easy

High Impact People Skills for Your Career Success

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