3 Tips for Job Hunter to Stand Out from All Other Job Seekers

1. Start Your Resume with 4-6 of Your Profit-Improving Achievements
99.9% of job hunters simply put job info, education, etc. in their resume – so almost all resumes look alike and do not make the job seeker stand out. Instead, the top of your resume should be a bullet-point list of 4-6 “Achievements” showing how you helped your employer measurably (a) improve profits or (b) decrease costs.

Here are examples from actual job hunters.
An IT professional listed this bottom line achievement:
* Automated work that previously was done by 4 employees, saving my employer $200,000/year.

A front desk receptionist listed the following – and even has letter from CEO congratulating her for her decreasing costs:
* Found way to decrease employer’s phone bill $50,000.year.

A Sales Rep job hunter proudly made the following one of her five bullet-point Achievements:
* $1 Sales Rep in company every quarter for the last 2 years.

2. While in Waiting Room for Interview, Job Hunter Should Noticeably Read Company’s Literature
Most job hunters in waiting room for hiring manager or interviewer play with their cell phones or read magazines. Such activities show precisely zero interest in the job they are applying for! So, a job hunter stands out A LOT if the hiring manager or job interviewer comes out to get you and sees you reading about the company. That is, after all, the topic they want you to focus on at the interview and also if they hire the job hunter.

3. After Interview, Job Hunter Should Mail Interviewer Hand-Written ‘Thank You’ Note & Resume
Overwhelmingly, job interviewers might get an e-mail thank-you note. Important: An e-mailed thank-you note feels about as personal as a dead insect.

Hiring managers and job interviewers seldom receive a personal, hand-written note. So, a hand-written note, along with your resume, probably will be the only one they ever received – so you definitely will stand out as a job hunter.

Michael Mercer, Ph.D. is author of book “Job Hunting Made Easy.” You can visit my online store for details.