3 Reasons Certain College Majors Are More Likely to Get Jobs

Job hunters want to get jobs. And some college degrees are vastly more likely to help a job seeker land a job than other college majors.

Research from National Association of Colleges and Employers shows job hunters with the following college degrees are more likely to be desirable to employers than graduates who majored in other fields:
1. Business
2. Engineering
3. Computer & Information Sciences
4. Sciences

There are three main reasons employers desire job hunters and job seekers who earned those college degrees:

First, those college degrees can be put into action immediately to increase an employer’s productivity & profits. The purpose of business is to make money. People who earn those degrees learned how to do work to grow a company’s business.

Second, they mainly are STEM degrees – science, technology, engineering, & math. Students with college majors in STEM fields complete college with specific job-related skills that immediately can put into action.

Third, earning those degrees may show a job hunter is work-oriented and has a decent work ethic. Such college degrees are earned by job seekers who feel thrilled to put their ‘nose to the grindstone,’ actually work, and produce real-world results. After all, that is the underlying psychological reason a student would major in those STEM-type fields.

As such, it is a fairly sure, safe bet for a company to invest money in job hunters who earned those college degrees.

In contrast, it is an unsafe or uncertain bet for a company to invest in graduates who majored in fields that do not require technical expertise and objective subject mastery. For instance, a job seeker who graduated with a college major in sociology or anthropology or gender studies has not – in their choice of college major – shown they definitely desire to work and produce actual business results.

Job hunters have not definitely – in their choice of college majors – demonstrated they possess a deeply heart-felt work ethic. Perhaps they do have a good work ethic. But their college major does not necessarily reflect that.

As such, it is an unsafe or uncertain bet for a company to hire a job seeker or job hunter who did not major in a field that requires some sort of technical mastery.