Job hunters who currently have a job often wonder how to job hunt. Such job seekers must avoid harming their job performance and also do nothing to let their employer know they are job hunting.

Here are four tips to help employed job hunters.

First, employed job seekers must make a list of people they know who can refer them to managers who might have job openings to fill. In fact, this is the initial action job hunters must make whether they are employed or unemployed

Second, call those job referrals at three times: Before and after work hours – plus during lunch hour. This works great. Why? Because most managers are in their office at those three times with no administrative assistant to answer phone calls. As such, the job hunter is vastly more likely to have the manager answer the phone to discuss job hunting opportunities.

Third, employed job seekers should get their employers to send them to many conferences, meetings, and classes. Ostensibly, the reason is so their employer can help them learn to do a perform better on-the-job. But, those get-togethers, the job hunter has opportunities to talk to other attendees. Those attendees may have job openings to fill or know managers who might have job leads.

Fourth, job interviews must be scheduled not to interfere with staying employed. So, job hunters should schedule job interviews by taking vacation days or personal days. Or, job seekers should schedule job interview for before or after your work hours, or during lunch hour.

These four job hunting tips help employed job seekers keep their jobs while seeking job and career opportunities.