When job hunter is offered a job, how can you negotiate more salary?

Question = When job hunter is offered a job, how can you negotiate more salary?

Job hunters can use these negotiating methods to request – and probably get
– bigger and better salary and benefits.

First, ask the company to pay for two reasonable benefits:
a.  membership dues in professional or trade association
b.  attending conferences & meetings conducted by professional or trade association

 Reasons job hunter probably will get these two negotiatiable benefits: 
These are requests connected to improving job performance, so the company is wise to grant them. 

For the job hunter, attending conferences out-of-town easily can be combined with vacation days or long weekends
– with the company paying your travel to-&-from plus 2-3 hotel nights & meals.

 Second, job hunter can negotiate higher salary by doing the following  like a good actor:

When the job hunter is told pay company wants to offer, (a) look at floor and mumble the amount while (b) slightly shaking your head left to right to
diplomatically show displeasure.

 Then, after 15 – 30 seconds of this drama, the job hunter should calmly ask, "How much more can you add to that?"

Because the manager will feel uncomfortable about making job offer that may be rejected, the job hunter may well get higher pay.

These job hunting negotiating techniques and more are explained in the book JOB HUNTING MADE EASY.