Job hunters always search for a secret to find a job.  Well, I’m going to give you a secret of successful job hunters:  (A) Make a list of your measurable achievements or accomplishments – and then (B) plaster them in the most important spot on your resume.

Specifically, a job hunter’s resume stands out when it starts with a listing of 4-6 measurable achievements.  Put your list of achievements directly below your name, address, and other contact information.  

Important:  Job hunter’s accomplishments stick out when they are measurable, quantified and verifiable achievements.  Here are types of achievements you should put at the top of your resume to propel your job search.

Last time we discussed these items =  
1.  Awards You Won
2.  Campus Leadership Positions 
3.  M
easurable Job Achievements

Today we'll discuss =  Campus Volunteer Activities  

Job hunters who volunteered for campus activities should list them in their resume’s “Achievements” section.  For instance, one English major wanted to get a writing job in public relations or journalism.  

Fortunately, she created a huge advantage for herself in her campus volunteer activity:  She wrote an article every week for her campus newspaper.  

Describing her weekly article writing at the top of her resume made her stand out from thousands of English, Journalism and Media majors who search for jobs in public relations or journalism.  Think about it.  That achievement proved she not only studied how to write, but she actually (A) wrote a lot, (B) wrote on deadlines, (c) wrote articles seen by many people, and (d) showed persistence by writing an article every week all her college years.  When a public relations firm saw this achievement at the top of her resume, it scooped her up – and she landed a fabulous job shortly after graduating from college.

More on this next time.