Job Hunters & Anthony Weiner

Job hunters can learn super-valuable advice from Rep. Anthony Weiner. I knew something was wrong with Rep. Anthony Weiner about 1-2 years ago, when I first saw him on TV. I noticed something about him was amiss, because he pronounced his name bizarrely incorrectly. Actually, the German name Weiner ALWAYS is pronounced like "whiner." Reason = In German, "ei" is pronounced as though there only is an "i." I found it odd that he said his name as though it was "Wiener," [pronounced "wee-ner"], although he spelled it "Weiner" [which should be pronounced like the word "whiner"]. In my new book — JOB HUNTING MADE EASY — I recommend job applicants neither do nor say anything odd or too unusual or else they could stick out as 'something's not right' about that applicant. Well, Weiner's mispronounciation of his last name certain was an odd Freudian slip — that helped summarize his downfall! And that is a big lesson job hunters can learn from.