Job hunters always search for a secret to find a job.  Well, I’m going to give you a secret of successful job hunters:  (A) Make a list of your measurable achievements or accomplishments – and then (B) plaster them in the most important spot on your resume.

Specifically, a job hunter’s resume stands out when it starts with a listing of 4-6 measurable achievements.  Put your list of achievements directly below your name, address, and other contact information.  

Important:  Job hunter’s accomplishments stick out when they are measurable, quantified and verifiable achievements.  Here are types of achievements you should put at the top of your resume to propel your job search.

Last time we discussed these two items =  
1.  Awards You Won
2.  Campus Leadership Positions 

Today, we'll look at = Measurable Job Achievements

Companies crave job hunters with track records as highly productive employees.  So, think of measurable achievements in jobs you held.  The measures can be productivity, financial, and other special job accomplishments.  

For example, one recent college grad worked in a factory each summer during college.  And for three summers, she measurably exceeded the productivity requirements for her job.  That went on her resume.  Well, you might ask, “Why would productivity on a factory job help a job hunting college graduate?”  The reason is because that quantified achievement shows that job seeker is a productivity-oriented worker.  Companies live-or-die based on employees improving the 2P’s:  Productivity and Profits.  So, on your resume, brag about how you measurably improved productivity or profits.  Employers will jump at the chance to hire you.

More tips on this topic next time.



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