Job hunters always search for a secret to find a job.  Well, I’m going to give you a secret of successful job hunters:  (A) Make a list of your measurable achievements or accomplishments and then (B) plaster them in the most important spot on your resume.

Specifically, a job hunter’s resume stands out when it starts with a listing of 4-6 measurable achievements.  Put your list of achievements directly below your name, address, and other contact information.  

Important:  Job hunter’s accomplishments stick out when they are measurable, quantified and verifiable achievements.  Here are types of achievements you should put at the top of your resume to propel your job search.

1.  Awards You Won – dicussed in my last post

Today we'll discuss = Campus Leadership Positions

Any college graduate who served in leadership positions on campus has a valuable achievement to displayed at the top of the resume.  For instance, one major restaurant chain paid me to research the biographical data (bio-data) of its best restaurant managers.  Job applicants chosen would be put through a lengthy and expensive management training program.  If the trainee succeeded, the person would enjoy an exciting and lucrative career in the company.  But, if the person failed, then the company would have an expensive loss and that person would be job hunting again.

Lo-&-behold, my research discovered the huge majority of the restaurant chain’s best managers held a particular leadership position in college:  They served as Social Chair of their sorority or fraternity!  If you think about it, that makes sense.  The restaurant chain thrived by creating a bouncy, upbeat, fun atmosphere in its restaurants.  And who better for creating that atmosphere than people who served as Social Chair during college.  

So, as a job hunter, list leadership positions you held in college, and find organizations that want people with the skills your leadership demonstrated.

More on this topic next time.