College Grads- Job Hunting Tips

Unfortunately, job hunting for recent college graduates can feel tough.  Fortunately, here is immediately useful job hunting advice or tips to help the job seeker get a job.

Last time we talked about the benefits of doing volunteer work, how to Take Low Salary Job (Only at Prestigious Organization), Contacting People Who “Owe A Favor” to You or Your Family and Stop Hallucinating You Will Find Job via Online Job Sites.  See previous posts.

Today's tips =  Low-Tech & High-Touch Helps Your Job Hunting More than High-Tech & Low-Touch  

Managers who can hire you get 100+ e-mails/day plus phone calls from job hunters they do not know and feel no need to talk to.  

But they get few – or no – (a) phone calls from job hunters starting with “[Name of person manager knows] suggested I contact you for career advice” nor (b) hand-written “Thank You” notes mailed after talking to job hunters.  So, get leads to actual hiring managers, phone them, and hand-write follow-up “Thank You” notes. You will stand out from the crown of job seekers as you earn ‘points.’  Those managers will value and fondly remember your low-tech, high-touch style when job opportunities arise.  And then they will call you – with job opportunities for you.

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