College Grads-Job Hunting Tip of The Day

Unfortunately, job hunting for recent college graduates can feel tough.  Fortunately, here is immediately useful job hunting advice or tips to help the job seeker get a job.

Last time we talked about the benefits of doing volunteer work.
and how to Take Low Salary Job (Only at Prestigious Organization).
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Today is tip #3: 
Contact People Who “Owe A Favor” to You or Your Family
Make a list of people who will feel happy to do you or your family members a favor.  Phone them – do not e-mail – and ask them to give you names of people they know whom you can contact in your job search. 

First, phone people whose income is based on your family paying them, e.g., physicians, dentists, accountants, clergy, and bankers.  Second, call people you helped, e.g., neighbors for whom you baby-sat or shoveled snow.  Third, call people you helped in college, e.g., students, professors you assisted, campus leaders, and administrators you helped.  If they feel any concern for their income – or gratitude for kindness you rendered – they will jump at the chance to give you names and phone numbers of people working in your chosen field.  Voila!  Then, phone the people they referred you to as part of your job hunting.  
More tips next time.



  1. Namari says:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.
    Thank you.