College Grads-Job Hunting Advice

Unfortunately, job hunting for recent college graduates can feel tough.  Fortunately, here is immediately useful job hunting advice or tips to help the job seeker get a job.

Last time we talked about the benefits of doing volunteer work.
See my last post.

Today is Tips #2: 
Take Low Salary Job – but Only at Prestigious Organization

Note to job hunters:  Less pay can help you earn A LOT more pay!  This is especially true if you earn less pay at a famous or prestigious organization. 

Example:  When I graduated college, I got a job earning 50% less than other people who graduated college with the same major.  But, my job was in a world-famous, prestigious organization.  I got tremendous work experience, and I learned vastly more than my fellow graduates who earned much more, but worked in low-prestige organizations in the same industry.  Plus, my job in that prestigious organization later helped me get into graduate school.  In contrast, my peers earned more pay, but their work experiences and the amount they learned was far less than mine.  So, be ready to take a lower paying job – especially if you can use it as a ‘stepping stone’ for your (A) learning and (B) future success

More job hunting tips to come….