Unfortunately, job hunting for recent college graduates can feel tough.  Fortunately, here are immediately useful job hunting tips to help the job seeker get a job.

Here is today's tip of the day.

1.  Volunteer

Problem:  Job hunters find it hard to get a job without experience – but it is hard to get experience without a job!  Solution:  If you do not land a job in your chosen occupation, then volunteer to do similar work for free one or two days/week.  Preferably, volunteer at an organization where you would love to work.  Or, volunteer at a non-profit organization.  They always want no-cost labor, will jump at the chance to have you volunteer, and then you get work experience that helps in your job search, and land a paying job.  

Examples:  (A) One art major craved to work in an art gallery, but did not find such a job.  As I recommended, she volunteered to hostess art exhibit openings at an art museum one day per week. 
Question = Guess whom she met at those openings? 
Answer = She met owners of art galleries – and one of them hired her. 

(B) An IT major had a hard time finding a job – so he followed my advice to do volunteer computer programming at a non-profit trade association.  Why volunteer at a trade association?  Because the association’s members were executives from 100+ companies.  His computer programming and work ethic impressed the association’s executive director so fantastically that he introduced the IT major to executives of companies belonging to the association – and that is how he landed his dream IT job. 

More tips next time….