Charlie Sheen’s Wise Advice for Job Hunters


“Charlie Sheen’s two key phrases give job hunters wonderfully wise advice,” claims Dr. Michael Mercer, author of the book Job Hunting Made Easy. 

How could a celebrity – on a wild streak with drugs, porno stars, and hookers – give tips to job seekers?  Well, Dr. Mercer says Sheen said two phrases that offer wisdom job hunters should use to get job offers.

“First, job searchers should put into action Sheen’s phrase, ‘Winning, Duh,’” advises Dr. Mercer, a job hunting coach and psychologist in Barrington, IL.  He says, job hunters do this by displaying their achievements and results in their resumes and job interviews.  

“Job hunters must highlight their results in five ways – dollars, numbers, percentages, speed, and awards,” explains Mercer.  “Convey these impressive accomplishments in your resume and every job interview.  After all, companies want to hire job applicants who accomplish measurable results.”  So, figure out ways to translate your work experiences into quantified results you achieved in each job.  

Why is this so important?  “Because companies crave to hire ‘Winners, Duh!.’”

Also, Mercer says, “Job seekers must talk about their work and educational experiences in only three ways:  Positive or positive or positive.  Hiring managers desire to hire people who are positive – that’s upbeat, optimistic, and confident.”  

On the other hand, Mercer observes, “Hiring managers avoid hiring job candidates who whine, moan, and complain.  So, always focus on the positive.”  

Second, Charlie Sheen bragged about his “Tiger’s Blood.”  Sheen meant ‘tiger’s blood” in a certain way.  

But, “for job hunters, ‘tiger’s blood’ means showing enthusiasm and energy,” explains Mercer.  “In job interviews, show enthusiasm for the job opportunity, enthusiasm for the company, and enthusiasm about results you achieved.” 

Mercer discovered, “In job interviews, winners act enthusiastic, but losers act like they’re on quaaludes.  So, make sure you ooze energy and enthusiasm.  As Sheen would say, make sure the hiring manager sees your ‘tiger’s blood.’”  

Finally, when asked the #1 reason job hunters should put Charlie Sheen’s advice into action:  Mercer replies, “Whom do companies always want to hire?  They always want to hire ‘Winners, Duh!’” 

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